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Clift Controls have been designing & building bespoke control systems for over 4 decades in a vast array of sectors such as Agriculture, Aerospace & Aviation, Automotive Manufacturing, Oil, Pigging, Printing, and Ultimates to name just a few.

We recognise that every control system is unique to its application, therefore all of our projects are designed from the ground up to ensure that the final product meet the requirements of each project. All of our work comes with detailed CAD documentation which can be incorporated into your existing project work-flows and documentation processes. CAD drawings evolve throughout a project and therefore all of products are supplied with final 'as-built' documentation to ensure accuracy and the highest possible products.

Hazardous Area Control Systems

Clift Controls specialises in the design and manufacture of systems for use in hazardous or explosive atmospheres typically found in the Oil, fuel and aviation industries. We have a long history of working within these fields and have a detailed knowledge of the regulations and safety requirements associated with these types of projects. All projects are built to the highest standard to ensure that all systems are ATEX-approved and safe for use in hazardous environments.

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